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The Greenscapes Guide is a 16-page resource that contains everything you ever wanted to know about Greenscaping!   Want a hard copy? There are 3 ways to get your own printed copy of the Guide:

Download. Download a complete copy now! (requires Adobe Reader)

Pick up. Get a copy at one of our partnering organizations (contact the Coalition partner nearest you), or there may be copies at the Town Halls and public libraries of our partner communities.

Request. Please contact the Coalition partner nearest you and we’ll send you one.


Compost - rich as goldSummer water use doublesWho we are...
Compost teems with microbial life, and is undoubtedly the best thing you can add to your lawn and garden to promote plant growth. Read more.... Spray compost tea on your lawn several times a year and watch your grass thrive. Compost tea is an effective, easy way to put nutrients on your lawn. You can buy it in a powdered form or make your own. Read more... Did you know that watering just one inch of water over one acre consumes 26,000 gallons of water? That's more than an average swimming pool!Started ten years ago to teach people how to care for their yards in ways that conserve and protect our water, the Greenscapes program has now grown to almost 50 Massachusetts cities and towns. About us....



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Winter snowfall has not solved South Shore water woes
Winter snowfall has not solved South Shore water woes

New watering restrictions will help protect water supply


STORMWATER – Why Should We Care?
STORMWATER – Why Should We Care?

Greenscapes has just created a new brochure explaining why stormwater is today's biggest threat to clean water!
Check it out!

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Irrigation System More Efficient
Top 10 Ways to Make Your Irrigation System More Efficient

Get our new brochure! You can save hundreds of dollars and thousands of gallons of water just installing some simple devices on your irrigation system, and watering appropriately.

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