The Greenscapes North Shore Coalition is a collaborative of municipalities and partner organizations, focusing on stormwater and watershed related issues. Specifically, Greenscapes provides outreach and education to support municipal compliance with water-related regulatory requirements, including the MS4 Stormwater and the Water Management Act permits. Since its founding in 2007, Greenscapes partners have delivered outreach and education services across the North Shore. Any municipality in Essex County can become a member with an annual participation fee. We provide new deliverables each year which are tailored to our member communities. Learn more

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permits

Recognizing that nonpoint source pollution, i.e. stormwater runoff, is the number one source of water pollution in Massachusetts, the Greenscapes North Shore Coalition has worked since 2007 to reduce stormwater pollution through efficient, cost-effective, and coordinated partnership with its municipal members. Our outreach services have targeted the general public with residential programming, including best green management practices for lawn care, fertilization alternatives, and rainwater infiltration and harvesting.

We have met all the requirements of the 2003 MS4 permit for our member communities. Greenscapes has completed a five-year scope of work that will meet all of the education and outreach requirements for the new 2016 MS4 Permit. Greenscapes will work with our partner municipalities to implement campaigns to address the new targeted audiences: Business/Commercial/Institutions, Developers/Construction, and Industries.

MS4 Permit


Massachusetts Water Management Act Permits

According to studies by the United States Geological Survey, water withdrawals for drinking water are the major cause of low and no flow conditions in rivers throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts. Consequently, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulates these withdrawals for many communities with permits issued through the Water Management Act. Greenscapes provides our member municipalities with information and programming on how to reduce water use and how to replenish groundwater during storm events with low impact green infrastructure solutions. In support of Mass DEP’s efforts to include enhanced outreach and education components in revised WMA permits, Greenscapes intends to continue to assist our member communities on their permit compliance and water-related public education and outreach needs.

Water Management Act