Beautiful Yards That
Protect Our Water

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Greenscapes are beautiful landscapes that protect our water.

Greenscapes are full of color and interest, and require very little water and chemicals to maintain. Greenscaping is a compilation of landscape practices that drastically reduce water usage, encourage groundwater recharge, protect our water supply and reduce stormwater pollution.

The goal of Greenscapes is to let nature provide the landscapes’ water and nutrient needs.  In Massachusetts, our soils, climate and water supply make it unrealistic to have lawns that resemble golf greens, even if we had all the time and money in the world.  Established Greenscapes have plants and turf with deep roots, which are naturally resistant to drought, weeds and disease.

Greenscapes are good for you, your wallet and your environment in many ways.  By following the recommendations in this website, you will:

•    Increase your property values;
•    Save money on your water bills;
•    Nuture a safe environment for your family;
•    Create more habitat for wildlife;
•    Enjoy more free time by doing less landscape maintenance;
•    Reduce stormwater pollution; and
•    Protect your community’s water resources.

Why Should I Greenscape?
How Do I Greenscape?

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Water woes on the South Shore…
Water woes on the South Shore…

New watering restrictions will help protect water supply


STORMWATER – Why Should We Care?
STORMWATER – Why Should We Care?

Greenscapes has just created a new brochure explaining why stormwater is today's biggest threat to clean water!
Check it out!

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Irrigation System More Efficient
Top 10 Ways to Make Your Irrigation System More Efficient

Get our new brochure! You can save hundreds of dollars and thousands of gallons of water just installing some simple devices on your irrigation system, and watering appropriately.


To find out what Greenscapes events are planned in your area, contact your Greenscapes coalition partner.